Your Procedure Day

Checklist Before Leaving Home



Do not eat or drink anything after midnight the day of your scheduled procedure, unless given direction by your physician or our phone nurse. This includes no water, food, gum, candy, or chewing tobacco. We encourage you to avoid smoking preoperatively to decrease risk of postoperative complications.



If you are taking medications, consult your surgeon or the phone nurse concerning your dosage and what to take the day of surgery. Please bring a list of all your current medications including vitamins, over-the-counter medications, and herbal supplements. Do not bring your actual medications with you – only a list.


Identification and Insurance Cards

Please bring your driver’s license or other photo identification and insurance card(s).


Personal Preparation

Shower or bathe the morning of your surgical procedure. Wear loose, comfortable clothing. Avoid wearing cosmetics – especially eye make-up. You may bring a CD of your favorite music to listen to before and after the procedure.



Do not bring valuables with you. Avoid bringing excess cash, jewelry, electronics or other items of value. Your personal belongings maybe put in a locker or held by your family while you are in the operating room.


Your Family and Friends

During your procedure, we will do our best to keep family and friends who accompanied you informed and comfortable. We have a relaxing lounge area and they can check out a pager from the receptionist and take a tour of our beautiful building – stopping for coffee or snacks at the cafè. We can page them to return to the waiting area when your procedure is complete.