Patient Information

One Medical Passport

One Medical Passport is a secure, web-based, HIPAA compliant software application that allows our surgical patients to create and submit their medical history information to Southwest Surgical Center via the Internet. By providing demographic information (address, insurance, general contact information, etc.) and medical history online, your time being interviewed by a pre-surgical nurse can be significantly decreased. In addition, providing this information online allows you, the patient, to choose when and where it is convenient to complete the pre-registration process.

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Pre-Admission Phone Call and Nurse Assessment

You will receive a phone call from a nurse five to seven days before your scheduled procedure. We gather as much information as possible in advance to make the day of your procedure less stressful. The call also aids our employees in being fully prepared to care for you. If you would prefer to contact the nurse directly, please call 616-685-3975, Monday through Friday, from 8 am to 5 pm, and ask for the phone nurse


Pre-Admission Testing

Your surgeon or anesthesiologist may want you to have lab work or tests performed before the day of surgery. Please complete all tests at least one week before your scheduled procedure. That way, we’ll have all the information we need the day you arrive.


Interpreting Services

Language interpreter services for those needing assistance in speaking or understanding English will be provided at no cost to the patient. Please let us know during the pre-admission phone call if you need this service.