For Physicians

Why Southwest Surgical Center

  • We are committed to patient safety and quality
  • We are accredited by The Joint Commission
  • We are consistently in the top 10% in the nation for patient experience
  • We perform quarterly benchmarking against other ASCA centers
  • We have low infection rates
  • Our turnover time is 15 minutes or less


We welcome physicians interested in being a part of our medical staff!  Working in partnership with Trinity Health Grand Rapids your application will be assessed and your information validated according to criteria set forth in our Bylaws of the Medical Staff and other regulatory bodies.

The process begins with the Pre-Application Form. Once completed, please return the form to our Project Manager, or fax to private fax 616-825-6113.

Information will follow from Trinity Health Saint Mary’s Medical Staff Office upon review of the Pre-application Form. 

Investment Opportunities

Please contact Sean Brower, MBA, BSN, RN, Administrator at 616-685-3975 for additional information.