Our Physicans

Our Physicians are the Best!

Physicians must pass a rigorous examination of their professional education, experience, and competence before performing procedures at the Southwest Surgical Center. Our medical staff specializes in:

  • Cosmetic / Plastic Procedures
  • Ear / Nose / Throat (ENT) Procedures
  • General Surgery Procedures
  • Hand Procedures
  • Orthopedic Procedures
  • Podiatry Procedures

List of Our Surgeons

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Anderson MD, John

Armstrong MD, Shannon

Armstrong MD, Shannon

Asgeirsson MD, Theodor

Bengtson MD, Bradley

Borreson MD, Daniel

Burgess MD, Scott

Cullen MD, William

Cullen MD, William

DeJong MD, Michael

Do MD, Viet

Do MD, Viet

Ford MD, Ronald

Ford MD, Ronald

Foster DO, Michael

Green DO, Joel

Harper MD, Benjamin

Healey MD, Jr, John

Heeringa DO, David

Henke MD, Adam

Henne MD, Timothy

Horton DO, James

Kane MD, Kevin

Knoll MD, Gregory

Knoll MD, Gregory

Komorowska-Timek MD, Ewa

Kosta MD, John

Leahy MD, Michael

Lenters MD, Tim

Livingston MD, Andrew

Livingston MD, Andrew

Luce MD, Paul

Mansky DPM, David

Martin MD, Matthew

Martin MD, Matthew

Meleca MD, Robert

Mitchell MD, Eric

Naum MD, Steven

Pack MD, Bryan

Patthanacharoenphon MD, Cameron

Pfennig DO, Thomas

Pihl DO, Kerent

Pouillon DPM, James

Sprik MD, Sherman

Titus MD, Rachel

Van Pelt MD, Andrea

Vasiu DO, Peter

Winkle MD, Mark